Benefits and Contributions of Community Service-Learning

Community Service-Learning is learning through service collaboration in which all parties contribute and all parties benefit.


  • Benefit through:
    •  Opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge to real-life situations increasing the meaningfulness and usefulness of the knowledge. 
    • Engaging in dialogue and reflection which deepens the level of understanding of social issues. 
    • Building their experience and building a work related network.
  • Contribute by sharing their energy, knowledge, and time to assist a community with a specific issue or project.


    • Benefit by having additional resources to tackle ongoing issues or special projects.
    • Contribute by sharing their knowledge and understanding, by providing an opportunity for learning, and by providing feedback.


    • Contribute their knowledge, experience, time,  and student support.
    • Benefit by learning from the students experiences, by seeing the applications of knowledge, by being introduced to new perspectives.

Educational Institutions

    • Contribute the resources required to support a CSL program.
    • Benefit from a stronger connection to the community and enhanced student retention