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Annotated Bibliography

Too much of a Good Thing? Refocusing the Benefits of Community-Engaged Learning

Can you ever have too much of a good thing? Some non-profits think so. Without more intentional thought to the impact of student involvement in community organizations, goodwill, positive intent and benefits may be lost to ineffective relationships and untapped potential. Wendy MacDonald explores the impact of CSL on the capacity of community-based organizations in this article from the Trends & Issues series of the HR Council for the Voluntary & Non-Profit Sector.
Refocusing the Benefits of Community-engaged Learning (pdf file).

Enhancing Value for Nonprofit Community Partners, the paper Wendy presented to the Association for Nonprofit and Social Economy Research in May, 2009.

Impact of Service-Learning on Student’s Sense of Civic Responsibility

Does service-learning, as a pedagogical approach, influence students’ sense of civic responsibility? Rebecca Denby, International Exchange Coordinator at the The University of Western Ontario, explored this question in her 2008 Master of Education Thesis, also considering whether a social justice perspective of service-learning is superior to a charity perspective in influencing students’ sense of civic responsibility.

Enhancing the Capacity of Community-Based Organizations in East St. Louis (abstract) in the Journal of Planning Education and Research, Summer 1998; 17: 323-333. Recommended article by John Cawley, Senior Program Officer with the J.W. McConnell Family Foundation.

Building the Service-Learning Pyramid: Engaging Campuses, Creating Citizens: A highly recommended resource from an experienced CSL practitioner which outlines concepts and key strategies to support service-learning in post-secondary institutions.

CSL IN CANADA: A SCAN OF THE FIELD – The first report of its kind published in Canada, this 2006 scan describes emerging and established CSL programs from coast to coast.