Mark the Dates; Impact for Sustainability May 25 to 27, 2016 Mount Royal University

Attend Impact for Sustainability  at Mount Royal University, Calgary, May 25 to 27, 2016 to connect with community  and academic activists working together in multiple ways to strengthen their communities.

  1. Impacts of Community Engagement: This track would feature individual presentations by organizations belonging to the CFICE research group, as well as individuals or organizations gathering qualitative or quantitative evidence of impact upon community organizations or academic institutions.
  2. Scholarship of Teaching Learning (SoTL): This tract would attract those who are facilitating and supporting investigation leading to deeper understanding of, and sustained improvement in teaching and student learning.
  3. Posters: We are seeking insight as to what is happening in CSL and CE across Canada, and are encouraging brief summaries by community partners, researchers, students, or other stakeholders who would like to share their experiences, research proposal, request for partnership, or ideas. The posters will be printed, and a two hour session is organized to encourage dialogue.
  4. Community Engagement Centers: We are interested in the evolving activities, training, recognition processes, and documentation conducted at post-secondary institutions across Canada. We anticipate allocating sessions to facilitate the sharing of practices by CEC, and seek proposals or ideas to share benchmarking practices in this track.
  5. Innovative CSL or CE practices: This track features innovative curriculum or programs for community based student engagement. We hope to feature unique courses or co-curricular projects from across Canada.
  6. Global Service Learning (GSL): There has been much debate regarding the role of GSL in recent years, including queries pertaining to ethical issues, cultural humility, attitudinal approaches (‘with’ rather than ‘for’), and training. Institutions offering CSL and CE international field schools, as well as CSL projects in isolated communities will be asked to participate to share innovative practices.
  7. Sustainability: This stream pertains to innovative approaches that contribute to the sustainability of the environment, community organizations, or communities such as First Nations. Proposals relating to innovative practices and models for social entrepreneurship would also be pertinent for this track.
  8. Boundary spanning partnerships: proposals regarding relationships that span multiple organizations, areas, or activities, or that have an innovative structure would be submitted in this track.

Conference partners:  Canadian Alliance for Community Service-Learning, Volunteer Alberta, Volunteer Canada, Volunteer Centre Network, The Institute for Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, the Institute for Environmental Studies, and the Institute for Community Prosperity.

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