CACSL Email digest moves to MailChimp

As our mailing list has expanded beyond 500 members, we needed to move to a new service for weekly blog digests and email from CACSL.  We’re now using MailChimp. This is our new email look. See our new subscriber counter and subscription links at the bottom of the site.

Please update your Subscriber Profile

If you are already a subscriber to email notifications of new blog posts, please take a moment to verify and update your profile with us.  Please make sure we have your Name spelled correctly and filled in. We have added new information fields, such as city, province, and a checklist to identify your primary role in service-learning. This confidential information will help us understand our CACSL members and email subscribers better.

How to update your Profile:

  1. Go to CACSL’s Subscribe form on MailChimp and enter ONLY your email address (if you are already subscribed, all other information you enter at this point will be lost).
  2. Next, scroll down to press the “subscribe” button.  If your email address is recognized as an existing subscriber, a red message with a link will appear next to your email address in the form, asking you if you want to update your profile.
  3. Click the link to update your profile.  MailChimp will send you an email with a secure link to your CACSL subscriber profile page. Now you can fill in the rest of the fields. This information will remain confidential to CACSL.

Thank you for telling us more about you, and helping us keep our mailing list up to date!

Author profiles

As you may know, any subscriber (yes, you too!) can submit blog content, and trusted members are also welcome to become authors of posts.

If we have added you as a registered user of the CACSL blog (author, editor or admin), your public Author profile on this site is kept separate from your confidential MailChimp subscriber profile.  When you author a post, your Avatar will appear at the bottom of our blog, and your public Bio (if any) will appear underneath each of your posts.  You can update your CACSL Blog Avatar image, Password, and Bio at any time by logging in, and “Author Links” are always at the bottom of our site.