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Academic Journals for Community Service-Learning and Experiential Education

Email Networks are electronic discussion forums on the topic of community service-learning(CSL). This is a convenient and free method of networking in order to share information with and learn from CSL partners and colleagues on other campuses and communities across Canada and beyond.

Canadian Alliance for Community Service-Learning

Collaborative CSL Blog

Our CSL  collaborative  blog provides an opportunity to ask questions, post CSL jobs, announce events and professional development opportunities, and to share information. To join, registeryour user name and email address

CSL LInked In Group

CSL Canada Facebook Page

Higher education service-learning listserv

This U.S. based ListServ provides a forum for the discussion of issues concerning the American higher education service-learning community.

You may subscribe to the listserv via the web interface


Send an email to join-he-sl@lists.etr.org following these instructions:

1. Leave the subject line blank
2. Remove any appended signatures

(U.S.) National Service-Learning Clearinghouse electronic newsletter

NSLC-Resources is a free, electronic current awareness service published periodically by the National Service-Learning Clearinghouse. It is intended to provide timely information and relevant resources on service-learning to support service-learning programs and practitioners. Each issue of NSLC-Resources typically focuses on one topic and features eight to ten of the best items selected from the NSLC website. For more information visit the NSLC-Resources newsletter site. www.servicelearning.org