CSL and Career Development

What is Community Service-Learning?

 Students, educators and communities building partnerships to learn from each other while working together in innovative ways to strengthen individuals, communities, and society

It is an educational approach integrating community service with intentional learning. Educational institutions and community organizations work together toward mutually beneficial outcomes.

Experiences in the community are linked to academic content through processes of critical reflection such as journal writing, small group discussion, and the writing of analytical papers.

What is Career Development?

Career Development is the lifelong process of managing your living, learning and earning in order to move to where you want to be.
(Canadian Career Development Foundations)

How does Community Service-Learning Impact Career Development?

According to UBC, Community Service-Learning (CSL) has been shown to have positive effects on academic values, self-efficacy, leadership, choice of a service career, and plans to participate in service after graduation.

According to research conducted by Patrick M. Green, Ed.D, Director Experiential Learning Loyola University, and Community Service-Learning:

  • Builds academic skills
  • Increases values-based competencies
  • Influences career exploration
  • Enhances professional preparation
  • Encourages vocational awareness

Students reported that Community Service-learning:

  • Encouraged career exploration and clarification and helps them refine their career interests, clarify their career choices, and explore their career options.
  • Fostered the development of career goals
  • Developed career related skills
  • Increased academic skills
  • Led to internships or work opportunities
  • Increased their professional contacts and references

CSL and Career Develoment Webinars for viewing or download Putting CSL  into Career Action. 

Attend these webinars to learn how you can:

  • Create your career future
  • Define your career goals
  • Find meaningful and satisfying work