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Tell the CSL Story: Western Region Research Conference on the Education of Adults Call for Papers

In the community campus engagement arena we spend a lot of time speaking to the converted.  The WRRCEA provides an opportunity to engage with people involved in adult education to generate interest in community service-learning, community based research or other types of community campus engagement.   Proposal Deadline  June 22, 2015 WRRCEA 2015 Edmonton, Alberta Proposals are… Read more »

Renew your CACSL membership to Save $$$. C2U Expo 2015 Early Bird Registration Ends April 5

C2U Expo :Citizen Solutions. Better World.” is shaping up to be yet another superb gathering of committed community campus engagement aficionados.   Check out the program keynotes. Don’t miss out!  CACSL members receive a 15% discount on registration for C2U Expo 2015. Also check out the pre-conference workshops. CACSL members get a huge discount  for… Read more »

Sample Course Outlines for CSL.

A few years ago Dr. Mark Baetz from the Laurier Centre for Community Service-Learning at Wilfrid Laurier University  sponsored by the Social Economy Centre of the University of Toronto led researched the growth of CSL in Canada.  One of the results from the research was a set of sample syllabi from courses which incorporate a strong… Read more »

Russian Language Instructor Looking for CSL Ideas

I teach Russian language and culture at the department of Russian Studies (Dalhousie University). I instruct all the language courses at our department – from 1000 to 4000 level. I have a particular interest in incorporating community projects to my language courses next year. However, there is no great demand for Russian language services here… Read more »

What would make community campus engagement work better?

Dear community campus engagement practitioners, Those of us who work in community organizations or on campuses in community campus engagement in its multiple forms often think to ourselves if only_______________.  CACSL would like to hear from you about what you would change to make CCE work better for community organizations,  faculty, students and institutions.  What… Read more »

New Article: The evolution of local participation and the mode of knowledge production in Arctic research

The evolution of local participation and the mode of knowledge production in Arctic research Nicolas D. Brunet , Gordon M. Hickey and Murray M. Humphries  recently published a study attempting  to uncover the extent to which community engagement in science has truly permeated Arctic research.  The article is available in open access.

Have your say on Community Knowledge

What:  Community Foundations Canada hosting a twitter chat on community knowledge exchange August 28, 2014 at 12noon EDT. What’s a Twitter chat? People with a shared interest in a question meet virtually in twitter to share and learn. How do I do it?  Sign into twitter at noon, search for  #KMbchat Why would I do it?  We’re about… Read more »