By participating in the Canadian Alliance for Community Service-Learning you can :

  • Provide a national voice and leadership and support for the development and enhancement of Community Service-Learning in Canada
  • Connect members of the Canadian CSL community within Canada and with international networks
  • Inform universities, students, faculty, community organizations, and policy makers of the benefits of CSL
  • Support universities, students, faculty, and community organizations in implementing CSL

Participate in a working team:

CACSL uses a team based approach for accomplishing the work for the community. To join one of the teams below contact geri@communityservicelearning.ca

    • National Conference
    • National Workshop
    • Steering Committee
    • CSL On Line Learning Community
    • Knowledge Mobilization: Monitoring research, recommending resources

Provide service on a curricular, co-curricular or volunteer basis.

CASCL has several opportunities for interested individuals to provide service either part of a curricular, co-curricular service or on a purely volunteer basis.

  • Translate CACSL documents
  • Provide Webmaster Services
  • Research Assistant/Logistics Co-ordinator

Suggest a project

  • Got an idea you think CACSL should do? Tell us about it. geri@communityservicelearning.ca
  • Subscribe to the blog at blog.communityservicelearning.ca
  • Get updates on events and research, ask questions, and contribute knowledge to support others
  • Post your questions, share your experiences, discover new ideas, and receive updates on events, research and opportunities

Become a CACSL Member

  • Actively participate in the development and enhancement of CSL in Canada through financial and professional support.
  • List yourself in the future CASCL Directory of Community Engaged Scholarship Practitioners.

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